Summer Market + Regrettably canceled
Museum of International Folk Art
Museum Hill, Santa Fe, NM
Summer Market 2016 + Regrettably canceled
Fall Market 2015 + Albuquerque
Summer Market 2015 + Santa Fe Sold Out


Founded by Gerry Cerf and Carolyn Karnes, formerly with the New Mexico Women’s Foundation, our mission is to redefine the market opportunities available to women artists in New Mexico, and build community among those artists. Art and culture are tightly woven into the economic success of New Mexico, both intuitively, and as reported by a recent study initiated by the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs. WI knows that supporting women artists contributes to the growth of the economy, and positively impacts artists’ lives and communities.

WI will host markets around the state, inviting both established and emerging artists from cities and rural areas to join together to sell their work, share their ideas and stories, and support one another in their endeavors.
Women Incorporated is dedicated to the women artists of New Mexico, who, like women everywhere, strive every day to support families, overcome adversity, support and teach other women, and bring beauty into their lives and share it with others.